Special Acknowledgements


Dr. Heidi Schwarz

Dr.  Schwarz earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of  Rochester where she also completed her residency and a fellowship  inmovement inhertited neurological disease. She is an Associate  Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester and specializes in  a varietyof neurological disorders with additional expertise in  movement disorders including tremors as well as Traumatic Brain Injury,  Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases.

In 1994, after lengthy testing, Dr. Schwarz diagonsed me with Dementia  Pugilistica and Parkinson's syndrome tremors. She then referred me to  Dr. Peter B. Norman, a Neuropsychologist, for a second opinion. He  confirmed her diagnosis.

I continue to be thankful for the support, time, and care that I have  received from Dr. Schwarz and don't know where I would be today and know  that I would have not made it to this point without her. I will forever  be grateful for her continued efforts and expertise. I still see Dr.  Schwarz on a regular basis, where she does a tremndous job of giving me  the best quality of life possible. She skillfully makes changes to  checkmate the dementia's progression and the tremors from the  Parkinson's syndrome.


Carmen Basilio

Carmen  Basilio is an inspiration and personal friend to me. Carmen was the  Welterweight and Middleweight Champion of the World (1955-57), 1957  Hickok Belt Award recepient, US Marine War Veteran, devout Catholic, and  model for American youth.

Carmen was one of  the most recognized and respected athletes in the world in the 1950's.  Growing up in the 50's and early 60's, I remember there were two  athletes WE ALL wanted to emulate; Mickey Mantle and Carmen Basilio----I  chose Carmen Basilio.

Carmen inspired me  to become a boxer, that all began way back in 1957. I was 6 years old  hanging out in my Grandfather's Italian Restaurant on Exchange Street in  Geneva, NY. Every Friday night the bar room would be packed with  patrons watching the Gillette Friday Night Fights on the 20" Admiral TV  above the bar. My father, who was bar tending, would try to get a better  picture by adjusting the rabbit ears on top of the TV. The guys would  get anxious and yelled to dad "Angelo....hurry up...Carmen Basilio is  fighting tonight!" Finally dad got the picture adjusted and I watched as  the crowd in the bar room roared with every punch Carmen threw. The  only time it got quiet was when the Gillette Razor and Schultz &  Dooley Beer commercials came on between rounds. That night made such  an impression on me. After the fight, I ran to the back room, filled up a  laundry bag with linens and started using it as a punching bag. My  Grandmother walked in and asked me what I was doing. I told her,  "Grandma, I'm Carmen Basilio" and she said, "There's only one Carmen  Basilio. Never mind that boxing stuff, you better go to College, now go  help your Grandfather in the bar room."

My admiration for  Carmen has stayed with me all of these years. In my eyes, he's the  toughest fighter "pound for pound" of all time.

On days where my  dementia rears it's ugly head and I am scheduled for a speaking  engagement, I look to Carmen for the strength and inspiration to get me  through the session.

I will always cherish the friendship I have with Carmen and his wonderful wife, Josie. 


Patti (Theriault) Ciancaglini

I thank God every day for the support of my wife, Patti. She has been by my side through thick and thin and finds ways to deal with my condition. She has sacrificed a great deal but I have never once heard her complain. She  has persevered through my paranoia, insomnia, mood changes,  forgetfulness and my anxiety and frustrations from not being able to  function normally. 


Monsignor Franklin M. Kelliher, Roman Catholic Priest

Monsignor Kelliher was a well known retired Roman Catholic Priest in the Buffalo area. He was a big boxing buff and founder of the Buffalo Boys Town (a home for troubled youth; homeless or paroled).

I met him in the late '60's while training at Singer's Gym in Buffalo. Monsignor became a mentor and good friend who kept me grounded, was concerned for my well being and encouraged me. He was a wealth of knowledge and I looked to him often for advice. He was honest and I could count on him to tell me the truth, even if it wasn't something I wanted to hear. 

He nicknamed me, the Paladin Kid after a popular 1960's TV Western Show, "Have Gun, Will Travel". The main character, Paladin, was a gentleman hired gunman. Monsignor would say I was just like the hired gunman; a gentleman, travelling long distances and taking on any fight even on short notice. The nickname stuck and I quickly became, The Palidan Kid, "Have Glove, Will Travel".

I will always be grateful for his friendship and support. He taught me the importance of being a gentleman. That even with the brutality of the sport, there was still the ability to be a kind and considerate person. 


Senator Mike Nozzolio

Senator Nozzolio has  been a strong advocate for the Finger Lakes Region,  representing the  54th Senate District in the New York State Senate. While attending  Mynderse Academy in Seneca Falls, he was a standout athlete in football  and lacrosse. He also lettered in crew and sprint football at Cornell  University.  He earned a Bachelor's degree in Industrial and Labor  Relations, and a Master's degree in Public Administration and  Agricultural Economics from Cornell University. Senator Nozzolio also  earned a Juris Doctor degree from the Syracuse University College of  Law. Senator Nozzolio served as a JAG officer in the U.S. Naval Reserves  and is currently a Commander in the New York Naval Militia.

Senator Nozzolio has been a New York State Senator for the 54th district  , since1992.  Prior to his election to the New York State Senate,  Senator Nozzolio served for 10 years in the New York State Assembly  where he was chosen to serve as Deputy Minority Leader. His  service and accomplishments to New York State have been impeccable. I  have known the Senator for many years and I knew we shared the same  passion for the safety and welfare of our youth.  I also knew that he  would be the man to get the job done. 

In July of 2011, Senators Michael Nozollio and Kemp Hannon were  instrumental in getting passed into law, (S.3953) The Concussion  Management Awareness Act. 

This law requires.................
All coaches, physical education teachers, nurses and certified trainers to complete a state-approved course bi-annually.

Removal of any athlete believed to have suffered a concussion and no entry of that individual into that game.

Athletes are symptom free for at least 24 hours before they practice or play.

Written permission from a licensed physician before an athlete returns to school sports activities.

This  law significantly helps to ensure that no athlete accidentally slips  through the cracks and into harm's way.  I commend Senator Nozzolio for  his diligence and hard work and am grateful for his support and  friendship. 


Dr. Jason Feinberg

Dr. Jason Feinberg, attended Hobart College, earning a B.S. in Chemistry, Magna cum Laude; Syracuse Health Science Center 1989-1993 with an MD awarded in May 1993; completed Internal Medicine Residency at Naval Hospital Oakland, California 1993-1995 and  University of California, San Francisco 1995-1996. 

During his time at Hobart College, he was a 4 year standout first baseman  on the Hobart Baseball Team from 1986-1989.  Dr. Feinberg was my general practitioner for  six years, when I was going through a very tough time.  He worked  endlessly with Dr. Schwarz and was always very patient and considerate  of my condition.  I confided in him more than I would have in most  anyone else.  He helped to bring me out of seclusion and  for that I  will be forever grateful to him.  


Chuck Jennings

I had the privilege of training under the wing of former heavyweight  contender, Chuck Jennings at the Neighborhood House Gym in Elmira, New  York and the Camp McCormack Gym outside of Ithaca, New York in the late  '60's.  

I have great respect for Mr. Jennings and credit him with teaching me  the value of treating everyone equally.  His heavyweight heart came true  to form as he founded The Glove House Organization, which helped  troubled youth find stable homes.  Mr. Jennings would always say, "With a  little love and kindness, you can change a boy's life".  His words and  example still influence and inspire me today. 


Al Galvin

Al  Gavin was one of boxing's best known trainers and  many believed, the  best "cut man" in the business. My years of hard work and dedication  awarded me the privilege to train at the renowned, Gramercy Gym in  Manhattan with instruction from the highly respected, Al Gavin who had  worked the corners of many world champions. 

Mr. Gavin brought instruction to a new level and taught me the  importance of paying attention to detail.  His famous quote was, "Detail  is what separates the best from the rest!"

He was a man of great wit and wisdom and a real gentleman.  His lessons  of work ethic and focus have benefitted me far beyond my days in the  ring!   

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