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Ray’s mission is to tell his story of the mistakes he made not properly addressing  a concussion and the lifelong consequences he suffered as a result.  Rays goal is to raise awareness, offer support, and encourage young people to be honest with care givers instead of playing through a head injury.  Ray hopes, through his talks, that student athletes will understand the importance of addressing a concussion correctly and promptly.  He encourages student athletes to be honest with symptoms and advocates following school or sport program protocols and doctor’s orders to ensure a safe return to play. 


                                                                           Ray Ciancaglini, Former Middleweight Boxer Concussion Awareness Advocate

Many athletes do not understand or take seriously the possible  repercussions of hiding or playing through a concussion. They sometimes  feel that they are invincible or that they are tough enough to gut it  out. I was  once one of those athletes. For many years, I have been  battling Dementia Pugilistica and Parkinson's Syndrome. These  progressive  disorders are the direct result of my not addressing  concussions  properly as a young boxer. The consequences of my actions  have so  deeply affected my life. 

I endorse playing all sports but  strongly stress the importance of being honest about symptoms and  addressing a concussion properly. I have been a  concussion awareness  and management advocate for many years and was instrumental in getting  passed into NYS Legislation the current Concussion Management Awareness Act. I also founded the Second Impact website  which is dedicated to concussion awareness. My speaking engagements, that include my real life story (featured nationally by ABC News), have successfully resonated with thousands of student athletes at High Schools, Colleges and sports organizations such as The NY Collegiate Baseball League and The NFL Player Development Camps. My appearances  are free of charge, last approximately 30 minutes, and I am not selling or endorsing any products. References can be obtained from the many schools and medical institutions that I have spoken at such as the Dr. Robert Cantu Concussion Center, The Cleveland Clinic, Maryland Association of Osteopathic Physicians, Maryland, MD, Syracuse University, St.  Bonaventure University, Mansfield University, University of New  England, SUNY Brockport, SUNY Cortland, Ithaca College, Canisius  College, Aquinas Institute of Rochester, East High (Rochester), North Rockland High School, Williamsville North, South and East, Buffalo, NY and others listed on The Second Impact website.

My  awards and honors have included The Rochester Boxing Hall of Fame, Geneva Sports Hall of Fame, Golden Glove Heart Award, Jerry Flynn Courage Award, Rochester Hickok Hero Award, The NYS Executive Chamber Award, The Brain Injury Association of NYS Public Policy Award, GHS Positive Impact Award and The Camp Good Days Courage  Award and the Geneva Rotary Paul Harris Award.  My contributions were instrumental in getting passed into federal law the 1996 Professional Boxing Safety Act.   My story  was awarded The New York Associated Press Top Sports Story of 2011 and  also awarded The New York Publishers  Association Top Sports Story of  2011. I have been endorsed by the New York State Athletic Trainers’  Association (NYSATA). I have been participating with retired NFL players  in ongoing Chronic  Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) studies at the  Boston University School of Medicine where upon my death my brain will  be donated for CTE research. I have dedicated my life to public  awareness about concussions and am trying to reach as many young  athletes as I can to give them the tools to make healthy decisions and I  look forward to getting the opportunity to speak with your student  athletes, parents, coaches, school officials, and/or local community. 

To  schedule a free speaking engagement or  if I can be of any assistance, as a supplement to your school’s  concussion management  program, please contact me any time at (315) 719-1031 (Cellphone) or email me at      

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