The Second Impact MIssion Statement: Ray’s mission is to tell his story of the mistakes he made not properly addressing  a concussion and the lifelong consequences he suffered as a result.  Rays goal is to raise awareness, offer support, and encourage young people to be honest with care givers instead of playing through a head injury.  Ray hopes, through his talks, that student athletes will understand the importance of addressing a concussion correctly and promptly.  He encourages student athletes to be honest with symptoms and advocates following school or sport program protocols and doctor’s orders to ensure a safe return to play.

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Watch the GTX Commercial for the SmartSole featuring Ray and Patti:

                                      The new GTX/GPS SmartSole, endorsed by Ray Ciancaglini
"If you've ever been charged with the care of a person with Alzheimer's, dementia, Autism or another cognitive disorder, you know the importance of keeping a close eye on your loved one. But even the most devoted caretaker cannot monitor every moment.
Now there is a smart, wearable technology equipped with satellite monitoring and real-time tracking to help keep a watchful eye."

To purchase YOUR SmartSole click here:  A portion of the proceeds from each purchase on the Second Impact website, will be donated by GTX to help purchase the SmartSole for children in need.

GTX Corp GPS SmartSoles™ Featured in AARP Year End Tech Guide and Endorsed By Retired Professional Boxer

GPS SmartSole for Alzheimer's DementiaLos Angeles - December 11, 2014 - GTX Corp, (OTCBB: GTXO), a pioneer and global provider of personal location wearable technologies, announced today that their GPS SmartSoles are featured in the Technology Gear Guide in the most recent issue of AARP Magazine, and are being endorsed by former middleweight amateur and professional boxer and concussion awareness advocate Ray Ciancaglini.

As a result of suffering countless blows to the head during his boxing career, Ciancaglini suffers from dementia pugilistica and Parkinson’s disease, progressive neurological disorders that are linked to impaired memory, decreased mental capacity and can cause the sufferer to get lost or wander more frequently.

Ray Ciancaglini“As a former boxer battling the progressive stages of dementia, I am very grateful to have the GPS SmartSole working my corner,” says Ciancaglini. “It ensures me a better quality of life while maintaining my dignity and affording my family the peace of mind that my getting lost is a worry of the past."

Endorsements from retired athletes like Ray will play a prominent role in promotion of the GPS SmartSoles during and after the launch of the product. GTX empowers endorsers to share their story and show their support for the SmartSoles through involvement in speaking engagements, promotional events, social media and videos like this one created by Ray’s wife Patti, who is also his caregiver, Patti's Story: Caring for a loved one with dementia.

The GPS-enabled insoles, which are placed in the wearer’s shoes, contain a GPS tracking chip that sends a signal to a central monitoring website showing the exact location of the individual using a combination of satellite and cellular technology. GPS SmartSoles will be launched to consumers in the United States, Canada and Switzerland by the end of the month.